Becky Boucherat

Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor

"Yoga is about finding a sense of freedom in the body, mind and soul."

A Bit About Becky

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"I am a qualified vinyasa yoga teacher with a specific interest in yoga's influence on mental health and the mind-body connection. A lot of my fascination centres around the breath and nervous system, and as someone who used to dance I aim to share the enjoyment of movement in the classes I offer, welcoming in curiosity, exploration, self-compassion and subtle strength. I guide students clearly throughout my classes, through each movement, in a way that is accessible for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners.


"I am a member of the Board of Directors for The Bristol Yoga Roots Project, an organisation dedicated to working with communities and supporting teachers to offer accessible and inclusive yoga in Bristol and beyond. 


"My additional training includes: 

Mental Health and The Body – Treating Trauma (Carolyn Spring); 

Basic Mental Health Techniques and Training for Yoga Teachers (The Minded Institute); 

Anatomy Made Interesting (Melanie Cooper & Stu Girling); 

Ourmala – trauma sensitive yoga for refugees and asylum seekers; 

Decolonising Yoga (Sophia Ansari); 

Trauma Awareness (Ashley Russell)"

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