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Tamara Pitelen

Yoga Teacher and Energy Healer

"I love the way a regular yoga practice works on us on all levels, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

"For me, the key is little by little, again and again. Committing to a regular practice because it's not the two hour, big, sweaty monster session once every month or so that will unlock the benefits of a yoga practice, it's showing up every day on your mat... well, almost every day..."

A Bit About Tamara

Tamara Pitelen is an energy therapist and a yoga instructor (RYT 500). In 2014, she did her 200-hour Hatha teacher training certification on the banks of the Holy river Ganges in India's northern city of Rishikesh, a city known as the global capital of yoga. A year later, she followed up with her advanced teacher training RYT 500 in India's southern province of Kerala, with emphasis on Sivananda-style yoga. In 2019, she returned to India for another 200 hour training in more Hatha Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Tamara's approach to yoga is that it is an embodied spiritual practise and a tool for health and wellbeing. Ultimately, she views yoga as a pathway to spiritual development and connection with the Divine. However there is also the day-to-day satisfaction of feeling one's body open up and respond to a regular practise as we gain greater flexibility and strength. An expert in mind, body and spirit healing, Tamara has spent years studying alternative, complementary and spiritual healing modalities. She certified as a practitioner in ThetaHealing, EFT Tapping, Kinesiology, and Reiki.

Yoga Training

Dec-Jan 2019-2020

July-August 2015

July-August 2014

200hr yoga teacher training at Earth Yoga Village, Palolem, Kerala, India

300hr advanced yoga teacher training at Kerala 

200hr yoga teacher training at Rishikesh YogPeeth, Rishikesh, North India

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